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Marmot Development is an owner-operated real estate development company.

We are based in Germany with office in Düsseldorf. We have in-depth knowledge of our local real estate markets, their challenges and opportunities. We develop investment strategies based on extensive analysis and the individual requirements for ourselves hand-in-hand with a few long-term oriented investors.

Since the beginning we have been focused on long term value- add and opportunistic investments.

Patrick Priolo

Managing Partner

Dr. Patrick Priolo is architect of the leading architecture firm IAW - Internationale Architektur Werkstatt -with offices in Düsseldorf, Moscow and Turin.

He has successfully accomplished projects in Germany, France, Austria and Russia. Alberto has been invited to several competitions.

In the local markets he has developed several projects in the asset class residential and conversions from office to residential for his own portfolio.

Tom P. Kuemmeke

Managing Partner

Tom is Managing Partner of the Marmot Development. He has well over 10 years’ experience in asset management strategy and advisory. He focuses on family office structures and integrated asset management concepts including entrepreneurial direct investments in real estate and private equity.

Tom started his career as relationship manager for the multi-family office of a leading German private bank in Frankfurt and subsequently moved to Zurich as managing director and co-founder of the international family office of the oldest private bank in Germany. Having spent a number of years developing the business very successfully, he co-founded another multi-family office in Zürich as an expansion from a single family office, firmly establishing his presence and network in Switzerland.

Tom is a member of several family investment councils and has published on the subject of entrepreneurial direct investments as well he presented his findings and case-studies at numerous conferences. A lawyer by training, Tom also expanded his academic credentials by studying economics and additionally completing a Masters of Law (LL.M) in Mergers & Acquisitions. He is a financial economist (ebs) and Trust and Estate Practitioner (TEP).

Dincer Tuerk

Managing Partner

Dincer is Managing Partner of the Marmot Development. He has more than 10 years of experience in the investment industry. As strategy & finance expert he advises family offices on investment /divestment strategies in different sectors in private equity and real estates.

Prior to joining Marmot he served as CFO of a renowned single family office based in Switzerland

with a portfolio of 35 private equity -, real estate- & several fund investments.

Before he was general manager for finance of a German family office branch in Turkey and Managing Partner of an international consulting firm with focus on private equity, real estate & energy investments. Prior this role he was responsible for value creation, development/implementation of strategies for M&A, turnaround/ restructuring and business expansion of a listed German family owned, multi-billion international corporate group

(retail, mail order, catalogue, e-commerce, tele-shopping).

Dincer worked on prominent positions in the ARCANDOR Group, E.ON Ruhrgas, Commerzbank and KPMG. He has excellent relations with key decision-makers in economy & politics in the DACH- Region and in Turkey.

He is an accomplished accountant and holds a diploma in economic sciences (business administration, finance, banking, tax law) at the universities of Duisburg-Essen and Paderborn, Germany.

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